Governance Masters, if you want to be the Customer of Choice


Customer of choice

Een van de belangrijkste thema’s binnen Governance Masters is het motto ‘to become the customer of choice’.

Steeds meer bedrijven zijn bezig hun bedrijfsproces verder te digitaliseren maar hebben ook hun volledige ICT-functie uitbesteed. De ICT-afdeling krijgt hierdoor steeds meer een regisserende rol. Hoe zorgt u er dan voor dat u als eerste meeprofiteert met de laatste innovatieve ontwikkelingen binnen de ICT? ICT-afdelingen genereren de maximale waarde voor hun business als ze de ‘customer of choice’ zijn binnen hun ICT-ecosysteem.

Om te kunnen profiteren van de innovatieve kracht van de ICT-leveranciers moet de klant ‘on top of mind’ zijn bij die ICT-leveranciers. Governance Masters heeft zich gespecialiseerd in het helpen van haar klanten om deze positie te bemachtigen.




"I had the pleasure of working with Arno during his time at Albert Heijn, where he was managing the relations with strategic IT partners. Arno was very much aware that the magic sauce that makes a complext IT eco-system work is collaboration. With his structered. calm, open, yet insistent and goal-oriented way of working, Arno was driving this collaboration to the next level."

Frank Ihnen, Senior Engagement Manager bei Infosys


“I have seen the processes and methods behind governancemasters implemented in a complex multi-supplier environment and it provides a structure in which vendors either individually or in a community can become partners , aligned to the same goals, managed in a structured way and therefore become more effective.  It works. The “customer of choice” objective is a competitive advantage for any organisation with any level of reliance on suppliers.”

Danny Rappaport, Client Engagement Manager Wipro Technologies


"In my Commercial Contract Manager role at HP I've worked a few years in close collaboration with Arno in his capacity as Ahold's  Contract and Vendor Manager. I have been enormously impressed by Arno's high work ethics, passion for work and people around him. His impressive knowledge of the IT industry combined with his excellent communication and people skills was a great asset while negotiating major deals. Despite the fact that Arno is a tough negotiator, he always seeks a fair solution for all parties making the customer he represents become 'the customer of choice'. It was a pleasure working with Arno and I wish him best of luck in his future endeavors!"

Magdalena Polak, Legal Counsel & Legal - Account Support Hewlett Packard Enterprise