waardecreatieValue creation

Managing service levels remains necessary, but nowadays this no longer suffices. IT organisations should focus more on creating business value. For this reason, Governance Masters sets out to find the right provisions in the contract together with the customer. In this way, the contract becomes facilitative instead of a document simply filed in a cabinet.

Governance Masters advocates the inclusion of more customer-driven KPIs in contracts with suppliers. Moreover, in a multi-sourced environment it’s necessary to be able to see and follow business chains by means of contracts.


IT ecosystem

Governance Masters has ample experience in setting up and governing IT ecosystems. Distinguishing between IT suppliers and IT partners is essential in this matter. Cooperation between IT partners is of great importance to IT services as well as projects. One of the resources Governance Masters deploys, is setting up a collaboration board with the main IT partners, whereby the relationship is changed into a partner model in which the customer plays a more equal role. This collaboration board become decisive in jointly determining the added value of the IT partners for business strategies.


Fact file

FeitenrelaasOne of the principles in governing IT suppliers is to have the facts right. Standardizing reports and dashboards is crucial in this matter. Many customers have spread their IT landscape across multiple suppliers. In order to make an assessment of the entire chain, individual reports must be dovetailed.

Dashboards should also be uniform to enable management to govern and arrive at the predefined and agreed results. Especially if the customer has offices in multiple countries, this uniformity is of great importance. Governance Masters calls for transparency to IT suppliers. By keeping reports, minutes of reports, contracts and dashboards at a location shared with suppliers, a 'single source of the truth' is created.


Bend the Spend

kostenreductieGovernance Masters is also competent in implementing savings programmes. A contract that has not been reviewed for two years is a contract that’s too expensive. Through a proven approach, contracts are reviewed by Governance Masters; together with the supplier it’s then decided where and to what extent costs can be reduced. This is done to achieve the best possible savings.