Arno GerritsGovernance Masters specializes in supporting customers to be 'top of mind' with their IT suppliers. Only then can customers benefit from the innovative strength of their IT suppliers.

Governance Masters was founded in 2015 by me, Arno Gerrits, arising from the need to help customers with maximizing business value from their IT suppliers. During my 20-year career I have experienced at first hand the challenges of governing IT suppliers at Ahold and Achmea, among others.

My experiences have now been integrated into Governance Masters, an organisation in which I cooperate with partners who are able to optimize the relationship between customer and partners. For now, Governance Masters specifically focuses on governing IT suppliers, but the models and approach used are also applicable to other fields.


People make the difference

Governance Masters subscribes to the importance of personal relationships. Nowadays, it’s no longer business-to-business but people-to-people. Establishing agreements of conduct is an important step in ensuring the best cooperation between customer and suppliers. Exemplary conduct is the guiding principle for both organisations, with the aim of making cooperation more efficient and more effective.